When you touch one thing 
with deep awareness, you touch everything.…”

- Lao Tzu

I believe that all people have sufficient self-healing powers after illnesses or even after a difficult experience to regain mental balance.

The art is to bring these forces into harmony with natural measures 🌿

Bioenergy Massage 

Bioenergy massage is a very effective treatment that has a direct effect on cell structure, cell tension and cell information.  Clears meridians.  Meridians are channels through which life energy flows.

    They pass through the internal organs and all parts of the body.  In traditional Chinese medicine, problems with the meridians are considered to be the cause of diseases.  Consequently, clearing the meridians is the key to the good health.

Wellness Massage  

The aroma wellness massage is a gentle full-body massage to relax the body and mind and to reduce stress.

Physical relaxation and the experience of serenity, satisfaction and well-being are closely linked.

The aim of the wellness relaxation massage is also to loosen certain muscles or muscle groups in order to relieve tension.

Winter Glow Facial

This treatment is a combination of peeling and classic facial treatment.  It cleans the skin down to the pores and provides it with long-lasting and intensive moisture.  A gentle yet highly effective treatment against the typical skin symptoms in autumn and winter.  The Autumn Glow Treatment specially developed by us helps with dry and blemished skin.  In addition, the facial treatment is effective against wrinkles, impurities, calluses and pigment spots.  The result is immediately visible: radiant, smooth skin that looks young and vital

Orchidee Facial Moisturising & Lifting 

This Treatment will give you deep moisturising and lifting effect.

As result:

- facial oval will tighten

- wrinkles will be smoothed or reduced

- skin turgor and aging process are improved

- it relieves swelling and has a lifting effect

Foot reflexology  Massage 

Foot reflex zone massage stimulates blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism and relieves pain.

The individual reflex zones on the foot are assigned to specific organs. It’s possible to have a therapeutic effect on the respective organ by massaging the corresponding foot reflex zone - to influence it positively and thus alleviate symptoms.

Foot reflexology also supports the body's self-healingpowers and improves the natural flow of energy.

Classical Massage  

Classical massage is a form of tissue stimulation against various complaints: tensions, craps, pain.

In contrast to wellness massages, this massage is mainly carried out in several massage sessions.

Foot reflexology with Essentials

Let  the natural ingredients and the scent of essential oils from blossoms, herbs, plant extracts and fruits relax your body, mind and soul.

Kobido Facial Massage 

Japanese therapeutic imperial facial massage. 

Translated from Japanese, Ko-Bi-Do means "way of keeping beauty".  This is the most effective natural method for qualitatively improving the condition of the skin, as well as slowing down the aging process.

Regular treatments make the skin supple, fresh, elastic, smooth wrinkles and remove edema.  This massage will also help to achieve inner harmony and mental balance, as well as stabilize the emotional and mental state.


Aromatherapy Lotus

Aromatherapy massage is used for a variety of different reasons, including relaxation, pain management, and improved mood.


Massage with WOOD 

The massage stimulates the lymphatic
drainage system and removes unnecessary
water, fat and toxins from the body. Also it
improves the appearance of cellulite while
tightening the skin.
The anticellulite treatment is
recommended every other day, (three
times weekly). It gives quick results of
body shaping, loss and reduction of cellulite appearance.